Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cosmo Challenge: Relaxed

In an effort to mix up my sex life and keep things interesting, I have decided (and Duckie gleefully agreed) to undertake the challenge of completing all 20 moves in the "20 Sex Moves for Every Mood" article in the March Cosmpolitan. Hopefully I can persuade you to take your sex life in your own hands and never settle into a routine. Wish me luck!

14. Relaxed: Slip into a hot bubble bath together. Sit between his legs, with your back against his chest. He can reach around and give you some manual loving while you grind up against him (gently). Water will definitely slosh on your floor, but you're Zen, babe, so c├ęst la vie.

Duckie and I tried this directly after our mutual rub-downs (see Cosmo Challenge: Romantic) so we were already veryyy relaxed. I must have had some sort of goofy smile on my face as we moved from the bedroom to the bathtub.

I poured some aphrodisiac bath salts and bubble bath into the tub and we slipped in. Both of us are tall and my bathtub is not but this position of me with my back on his chest worked great.

We didn't last long in the tub and didn't do much touching either. We were both just so relaxed and enjoying the intimacy of the night. But the bath definitely added to the romanticism of our night together and made it about more than just sex.

Love much,

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