I've found poetry and other forms of writing to be therapeutic in times of love and loss. Below are some of my thoughts written down. I don't pretend to be a poet, I just enjoy putting my emotions into words. 

Love much,

"After you Leave"
After you leave
The teddy bears have red eyes
The songs have demonic messages
The love notes are full of hate
The pictures are burned at the edges
The sheets tangle and suffocate
The memories are left to torture me

"Losing Control"
Anxiety is
When you want so badly to fast forward your life
But the problem is
You also want to rewind

Knowing the amount of days you have left
But there is nothing you can do about it
Except wait and suffer

Wanting to talk about your feelings
But you can’t
Because that would just make it worse

Having everything else right in your life
But there is a constant cloud
Darkening, following, whispering

Longing for the relief of sleep
But terrified to lie in bed
Because then you’re forced to think

Anxiety is
Losing control of your life, your mind, your heart
While being fully awake
And watching it all happen

"Can't Breathe"
Head under the covers
I breathe evenly and deeply
But then I remember where I am
And I begin to panic
There is not enough air under here
I pull my head out and breathe
Evenly and deeply again
But wait, this room is too small
Surely there is no more oxygen
My breath becomes short
I go outside and breathe fresh air
Evenly and deeply again
Looking at all the people
Breathing the same air
How can there be enough
My breath becomes short

"Don't Tell Me"
Don’t tell me that I can do better
Or that I’m too good for him
Don’t tell me
Don’t tell me
That there are other fish in the sea

Why all of a sudden,
Now that it’s the end
Am I the one on top?
If that is what you want to say
Please don’t, just stop

I can’t bear to hear it
Because then it’s all gone
The feeling I once felt
That my swelling heart
Will simply no longer fit

No matter what happens
I always want to remember
The happiness and smiles
Even though I know what happens
You will become a stranger

So please, just please
Don’t tell me all the lies
Because once I believe them
Then what happens to the memories?
I won’t let them disappear

Don’t tell me I can do better
I know that it’s not true
He may not have been the one for me
But he was amazing through and through
Don’t tell me, because I know better than you

"Before You Were Born"
She will probably be tall like us
But she won’t always be tall
She will grow up thinking how unfair it is
That her parents are tall but she’s not
Until one day her jeans are too short
And she can’t touch her toes like you

She will like to read
Stemming from nightly readings from our favorites
Like Harry Potter or Eragon
But she will probably spend her life deciding
Whether she likes to read enough to want to write
Just like her mom

She might have issues
Because her father was missing a father
And her mother was missing a mother
Or maybe she will be all the better for it
Because we want nothing more
Than for her not to suffer

She will be born with blue eyes
And I will be so excited because she will look like me
But then her eyes will turn brown like yours
And I will be glad that I get to look into those eyes
Even when you’re not around
I hope she appreciates that

I never wanted children
I thought this world was too painful
I told myself I’d adopt when the time came
But now all I want is to create another person
From the love you and I share because
Surely that person can make the world less cruel

My bed
While very soft
Like a fancy hotel
With it’s pillows and blankets
And teddy bear that’s so soft
Is far too big and too cold
When you’re not here to sleep with me

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