Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cosmo Challenge: Patient

In an effort to mix up my sex life and keep things interesting, I have decided (and Duckie gleefully agreed) to undertake the challenge of completing all 20 moves in the "20 Sex Moves for Every Mood" article in the March Cosmpolitan. Hopefully I can persuade you to take your sex life in your own hands and never settle into a routine. Wish me luck!

15. Patient: When you want to draw out the experience (or if you've got a streak of masochism in you), try stop-and-go sex. How it works: Bring yourselves to the brink, then stop. Don't move, don't grind, don't do anything, for at least 30 seconds. Then resume your activities, and repeat the stop-and-go two more times. Delaying your orgasm makes the release feel superhero powerful.

Duckie and I were camping so naturally, that means we were having sex. What better time to have long, drawn-out sex than while out in the wilderness with nothing else to do? (That reminds me of this hilarious SNL Weekend Update clip about the effects of Hurricane Sandy [skip to :26])

I didn't tell Duckie I wanted to do this until, well, the exact moment I wanted to do it. I admit, I might have scared him when I said, mid-sex, "Hey, let's play a game!"

This "game" wasn't exactly dominos at your grandparents house, but man was it exciting. We did the stop-and-go three times. It was so hot to hear Duckie tell me "Okay, okay stop!" whenever he got close. And I got to sexily count to 30 in his ear as we lay there tortured.

"Superhero powerful" was the perfect way to describe the consequent orgasm (kudos to Cosmo). This "game" is perfect for the couple that tends to finish too quickly or find themselves going through the motions of sex.

Have you tried this move or others like it? What was your experience like? I'd love to hear your feedback!

Love much,

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