Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cosmo Challenge: Sexy

In an effort to mix up my sex life and keep things interesting, I have decided (and Duckie gleefully agreed) to undertake the challenge of completing all 20 moves in the "20 Sex Moves for Every Mood" article in the March Cosmpolitan. Hopefully I can persuade you to take your sex life in your own hands and never settle into a routine. Wish me luck!

2. Sexy: There are days when you are on: Your hair is behaving brilliantly, and you're owning your skinny jeans––and those are the days to show off the goods. Straddle him while he's lying on his back on the bed, and lean back so your elbows are resting behind you. Your body should form a semi-bridge. From here, let him do the work. He can thrust up while getting an eyeful of your rocking bod. It's a total rush knowing that he's taking in every inch of you and loving every moment of it.

Once I read this move, I knew that I wanted to do it as soon as possible. Everything about it works for Duckie and I. We both love when I'm on top, we both love when he gets to do most of the work, and he loves when he gets an eyeful of me mid-sex (and I'm learning to love that part too!).

We've gotten into a bit of a routine where I was doing about 90% of the work during sex. It just works for both of us–until I get worn out and the action subsides!

So I did as Cosmo asked: I climbed up on top, bent as far back as I could and let him do as he pleased. Oh and pleased we both were. We've done similar positions but it was usually me thrusting so this was a welcome change for both us. It felt absolutely amazing.

And good ole reliable Duckie did what every girl silently prays their partner will do in such exposed positions; he didn't ignore my clit. In fact, he went straight to it once we got going. I was in heaven. And from the look on his face, so was he!

Unfortunately, after a while, he got tired and I got impatient so I ended up doing some of the work myself (but I didn't mind, especially since his fingers were working so hard).

There were a few moments when I became self-conscious at being so exposed. We had a lamp on so his eyes had full access to everything I've got. But combined with everything that was going on downstairs, and Duckie's repeated assurances going through my head that I'm not, in fact, a huge whale with tiny boobs, I didn't even have time to linger on the self-conscious thoughts.

What do you think? Is this a position you'd try? Is it mostly you doing the work or your partner? Do you feel secure enough in your body that you'd allow yourself to be so exposed? Let me know with a comment or two!

Love much,

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