Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cosmo Challenge: Generous

In an effort to mix up my sex life and keep things interesting, I have decided (and Duckie gleefully agreed) to undertake the challenge of completing all 20 moves in the "20 Sex Moves for Every Mood" article in the March Cosmpolitan. Hopefully I can persuade you to take your sex life in your own hands and never settle into a routine. Wish me luck!

17. Generous: 'Tis better to give than to receive, right? "Yes!" says every boyfriend, ever. When the giving mood strikes, tell him to lie back and relax, then roll a condom on and start going down on him. After a few minutes, take it off and continue. Going from sheathed to bare-skinned suddenly will make your mouth and tongue feel so much more intense than usual.

Duckie and I were a bit apprehensive about this one at first. I had never had a condom in my mouth and he had never gotten a blow job with one on. After I explained to him that I was going to take the condom off after a little bit, he was a bit more at ease.

We didn't have any flavored condoms or anything of that sort so I was left with that awful latex taste that stays in your mouth for way too long. Once I got over the initial discomfort, I found myself trying extra hard with my skills so to make sure he could feel them through the condom.

After about three minutes of that, I decided enough was enough and I took the condom off. And would you look at that, it took about a minute for him to finish.

When I asked him how it was, he was speechless! He does this thing after sex where he just nods and smiles to convey his appreciation. I asked him if it was better after I took the condom off compared to if I had just started bare-skinned in the first place and he answered with an affirmative.

I can't imagine using this method every time I'm in the giving mood; the taste is just awful and too many times may de-sensitize Duckie to it. But if I ever feel like mixing it up a bit, I have a new trick in my sexual repertoire (I'll be sure to pick up some flavored condoms for the occasion!).

Have any of you tried this? Was it a success or failure? Let me know with a comment or two!

Love much,

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