Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cosmo Challenge: Cuddly

In an effort to mix up my sex life and keep things interesting, I have decided (and Duckie gleefully agreed) to undertake the challenge of completing all 20 moves in the "20 Sex Moves for Every Mood" article in the March Cosmpolitan. Hopefully I can persuade you to take your sex life in your own hands and never settle into a routine. Wish me luck!

1. Cuddly: When you just want to snuggle up, lie with your head on his chest, and trace cute little messages across his torso ("So happy/"You're hot"). Then let him reciprocate by writing his own love note across your back.

I'm writing this as Duckie is cuddled up with the blankets in my bed looking so freaking adorable, as always. This is usually the trend. I wake up before him and he gets to sleep in while I get to gaze upon his adorable sleepiness.

I absolutely love snuggling with Duckie. He is so good at it (yes, it's possible to be good at snuggling!) and he loves doing it. Last night, after a wildly successful sexy-time (see: Cosmo Challenge: Sexy), we lay there catching our breaths and soaking in the endorphins. I thought this would be the perfect time to try out some hand-written body love notes.

One thing you have to know about Duckie: he is the most ticklish person I have ever met. I can't even place a hand on his stomach without him giggling and shoving me off him (in the most loving way, of course). His ticklishness is especially intense when his body is so sensitive during and after sex.

I place one finger on his chest to start doodling and he goes crazy! So, naturally, I continue because if you can't tickle-attack your boyfriend, who else can you tickle-attack? And he is just so dang cute when he giggles.

Very carefully, I manage to trace "I love fucking you" on his chest. To which he countered on my chest with..."so hard."

We're so romantic, aren't we?

Is your partner ticklish? Are they the kind of person who gets mad when you tickle them or they get playful? What sort of lovey-dovey post-sex rituals do you and your partner share? Let me know with a comment or two!

Now if you will excuse me, I have a sleepy Duckie to snuggle with.

Love much,

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