Sunday, January 27, 2013

Top 5: Most Unhealthy Fictional Relationships

5. Penny Lane and Russell Hammond (Almost Famous)

penny and russell

Don't call Penny a groupie, but that's what she is. In the 2000 movie "Almost Famous," Penny Lane is in love with rockstar Russell  Hammond. Despite the fact that he has a woman at home, Russell romances Penny in all her charm and naivety. Penny knows the romance is doomed but she goes along anyway because that's what love makes us do...crazy things. The problem here is they are not being honest with themselves and can, therefore, never be truly honest with each other.

4. David and Norah (The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards)

the memory keeper's daughter

This incredible book (it was also a movie but I never saw it) is about a husband and wife, David and Norah, who are expecting twins but when David delivers the babies (it's okay, he's a doctor), he realizes one has Down Syndrome. To spare his wife pain (or so he thinks), he tells the nurse to take the disabled child to an orphanage and tells Norah that one of the babies died. The remainder of the book chronicles the consequences of David's lie and how a lack of communication can seriously deteriorate a once beautiful relationship.

3. CeCe and Schmidt (New Girl)

new girl

Schmidt loves Cece but Cece mostly just loves Schmidt's bedroom skills. They go back and forth, pretending that they want what the other one wants, then being honest, then reverting back to lies. The bottom line here is: don't mess with someone's emotions just for the sake of good sex. There is always good sex somewhere else and you might actually like the person's personality as well!

2. Any couple from "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette"

the bachelor

Yes, I know, "The Bachelor/ette" is not technically fictional. But come on. "Reality tv" my ass. The only reason people like the show is because it is so unreal. Literally anyone would fall in love under those circumstances. Take away the cocktail gowns and absolutely over-the-top dates and roses (everywhere, so many roses everywhere) and there is no romance...just two very good-looking but incompatible people. According to this article from Shape, only 4/24 couples are still together. It takes real life to form real relationships.

1. Jesse and Jane (Breaking Bad)

Lewis Jacobs/ Still Photographer, 2008

I have recently become obsessed with this show (I know I'm so behind) but I'm only on Season 3 so PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL IT. Okay, anyway. Jane is Jesse's landlady recovering from drug addictions. Jesse is a drug dealer. Red flags all around. The moment Jane gets near Jesse's work, the shit hits the fan. Without drugs, these two could be a match made in heaven. But their addictions and weaknesses render a healthy relationship completely impossible. Moral of the story: don't do drugs. If you do drugs and stop, don't hang out with people that do them still.

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