Sunday, January 27, 2013

"I wouldn't be jealous."

There are some guys that have no problem admitting when they are jealous and acting out on that jealousy. They don't mind ruffling some feathers. Perhaps they are used to exerting anger or have always had success in sharing their emotions.

Then there are the guys that don't want to rock the boat. They are the ones that say "I don't care" every single time you ask them what they want to eat. Or they're the ones that laugh off an embarrassing or rude comment. These are the ones that are usually hiding the truth.

During pedicures with some friends yesterday, my adorable friend Valentina is sitting at the dryer while her metallic grey toenails are drying and says, "Oh my God I have to tell y'all something Turner said the other day. It was the stupidest thing ever."

"Okay tell us!"

She looks around at the handful of nail technicians walking around the place, and while they are most likely thinking about everything BUT what we're gossiping about, she decides to play it safe and text us instead.

A few moments later, a group text:"So, we were having a casual conversation about sex, and he admitted that, according to him, he 'probably wouldn't be jealous if I had sex with another guy.'"

Our jaws dropped! Background information: Valentina and Turner have been dating officially for a few months now but have been on and off for quite a while.

"He's obviously fronting for something else," Becky says.

"Yeah that is such BS, it is impossible that he wouldn't be jealous," I say.

"I think he is just the type of person that wants to appear to be so easy going with everything," Becky says, to which Valentina agrees.

"...don't test the theory though," Becky adds.

Unless he is some sort of sociopath or masochist or way too zenned out to function, there is absolutely no way in hell that a man would not be jealous if the girl he is involved with slept with someone else. Nobody is that laid back, as much as they'd like to be.

The very wise author of "The Four Agreements" series, don Miguel Ruiz, advises: "Listen to the intent behind words and you will understand the real message." Don't always believe the words coming out of people's mouth, because they very rarely mean what they say.

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♪: "I Put a Spell on You" by Jesse Cook

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